Fisherman knit chic

Following on the heels of Lumbersexual and Normcore, Fisherman Fashion is now a thing.This is something knitters in Newfoundland and Labrador can get behind.

According to an article in the U.K.’s The Guardian, Fisherman Fashion has now replaced Lumbersexual as the hipster look du jour.

Vogue even declared the Aran knit fisherman’s sweater THE sweater of 2015.

This is George Clooney in the 2000 film The Perfect Storm. As you can see, Clooney’s knitted sweater and toque certainly work in terms of Fisherman Fashion. Oh yeah.


However, these days, Newfoundland and Labrador fishermen (and women) tend to rock this sort of look.


This is the 2016 cast of the Discovery Channel’s reality series, Cold Water Cowboys. It’s a television series about  real-life fishery workers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Modern fishing is a highly specialized and technical profession. The people in the trade tend to go for the latest high-tech outdoor gear, which these days, does not generally include a chunky sweater hand-knit by Nan.

Although, to be fair, the Cold Water Cowboys crowd does nod to grunge, with the plaid, and to hipsters, with the trucker hats.

Or maybe the plaid shirts and trucker hats are just functional wear out on the wharf and out on the water.

Anyhow, Fisherman Fashion is not necessarily about how fishermen really dress on the job. It’s about how fashionistas think fishermen dress on the job.

And if the fashion world thinks Fisherman Fashion is about the perfect hand-knit  sweater or toque, let’s go with it.

File_001 (3)

I happen to be working on an Aran-weight toque right now, to match a pair of trigger mitts I just completed. The set is a gift for a friend of mine who lives “away,” ie. somewhere in mainland North America.

The toque and old school Newfoundland trigger mitts are just as functional for hopping on your fixed-gear bicycle for a trip to the  artisanal microbrewery, as they are for going out in an open boat to check on your crab pots.

I’m hoping that he’ll get the gift just before the peak of Fisherman Fashion.

It’s about time that Newfoundland and Labrador gets a shout-out for its forward-looking fashion.   


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