Yarn Cove sale

I reached a knitting landmark this month – my first product sale.

It was stuff I had left over, once I sorted out everyone’s Christmas presents.

I’m not entrepreneurial by nature. I get nervous about putting my work out there, and about spreading the word about it. Is it good enough to sell? What if I don’t have enough made? Would anyone really buy this stuff?

Or maybe I was overthinking it. My first Yarn Cove sale event was really just a basket of hats, socks and other small things that I placed in our staff lounge at work. This was not exactly a Dragon’s Den situation.

Anyhow – I made a few sales, and I got some commissions – for more socks.

I immediately took some of my (modest) profits from the sale and went to the wool shop, where I bought more raw materials.

I’m just in the process of finishing up two more pairs of socks for a work mate.

All in all, my pop-up sale wasn’t too traumatic an experience. And because some of my work buddies were curious about what else I could make for them on commission, I thought – why not put it out there on Yarn Cove?

So – please check out my new Shop Yarn Cove page.  I guess I’m now a micro-micro-micro business person. Let me know what you think!