I usually knit for the extremities. Most often, I enjoy making hats, socks and mittens. Basically anything that covers the head, hands or feet and can be made with one skein.

But when I’m browsing through patterns online or in magazines, I get some serious sweater envy.  


There are some spectacular sweater designs out there….from contemporary spins on  traditional fishermen and Scandinavian patterns, to cutting edge modern looks.

The February Lady Sweater has been in my Ravelry queue for a couple of years, and over the winter, I finally made one.  


I love it, and I wear it everywhere. My friend, Danielle, loves it too so then I made one for her.


We’re both really happy with our sweaters, but I have to say, I found knitting them a bit of a drag after a while. Even though the sweaters I made took only four skeins of Cascade 220, it seemed like I was knitting each project for an eternity.

In the case of Danielle’s sweater, double eternity, since I had an unravelling misadventure with that one.

I like the smaller projects so much because they are short-term. By the time I get bored with a pattern or a yarn or a colour, I am finished. Generally, an accessory takes about one skein of yarn. So if whatever I’m working on is not my jam, it’s a small investment.

I also still fret a bit over fit. Despite making gauge swatches, I’m still never sure if the sweater is the right size. And for a sweater to look good, the fit has to be good. Hats, mittens and socks can fit a wide range of sizes.

However, I think I have found a cardigan compromise.


A few people I know have had babies recently. After mulling over what to knit, I found a one-skein sweater pattern that went well with some Berocco Vintage I had in my stash.

A fashion forward – and short-term – project.


With my adventures in sweaterland, I have changed the way I look at all those super fashionable sweater patterns.

I now look at that edgy asymmetrical cardigan the way I look at a home decorating magazine – I may love that mid century modern dining room – but I have no illusions that I will recreate it in my house.

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