I’m Heather Barrett, and I started knitting in 2015. No one is more surprised than me about how obsessed I’ve become.


I live in St. John’s, Newfoundland  and Labrador, Canada,  the most easterly city in North America, right on the edge of the north Atlantic.

Damp and chilly is our default weather, which makes knitwear the go-to choice for outdoor gear.

Yarn Cove, therefore, is the obvious destination. Welcome!

Come to Yarn Cove often, drop me a line every now and then, and share Yarn Cove wherever you hang out, online or in the real world. 



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Heather:
    My wife Deirdre wants a new wool sweater. She has had hand made sweaters in the past all purchased from Knitters in this province. The last one didn’t fit properly so she gave it to her daughter. We need to find a fine knitter who will do a custom knit and to measure her before it is done. I Googled Shirley Scott whose name was given to me by Bonnie Johnston of Witless Bay. I searching I came upon the wonderful website for Yarn Cove.
    Can you point us in the right direction. We do not necessarily need anything for Christmas as this is a very busy season for craftspeople.


    • Hello Peter! I recommend you try NONIA on Water Street. They still have a wide selection of hand knit sweaters, and if you want something customer made, they should be able to help. Cheers- Heather


  2. When we were in Cornerbrook in October, my husband bought a pair of knitted “footie” socks at the port. He loves them. They are red with a white pattern. He wishes he had bought several more pair to wear around the house. Do you know how we can find these so that we can order them? Thank you.
    Fawn Pace
    Kentucky (USA)

    P.S. Don’t know if this helps, but the seller was inside the tent, parking lot side (not water side).


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